How Do I Contact Roadrunner Email Support (Spectrum)?

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How Do I Contact Roadrunner Email Support?

First of all, the Roadrunner Email brand is no longer active.

Roadrunner Email was re-branded as “Spectrum Webmail” after the Charter Communications acquisitions of Time Warner Cable in 2015.

As a result, older Roadrunner email accounts can still be accessed and used, but if you have problems with your Roadrunner account, you now must contact the Spectrum Webmail Customer service.

How do I Contact Spectrum Webmail Customer Service?

To contact Spectrum Webmail, visit the official Spectrum Contact Us page.

Or, go directly to the Spectrum Internet Help Page, if your problem is Email related.

You can also call the official Spectrum Customer Service phone number on the following phone numbers:

Roadrunner Email (Spectrum) Customer Service phone number for billing: 1-833-267-6094.

Roadrunner Email Customer Service phone number (Spectrum): 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (1-855-707-7328).

Email Support phone number for Time Warner Customers: 1-800-892-4357

Email Support phone number for Bright House Customers: 1-855-222-0102

Spectrum Internet Outages phone number: 1-833-267-6094

Alternatively, you can connect with an Spectrum agent via Chat. To open the Spectrum Webmail ChatHelper, visit Spectrum Contact Us, then click on the dark blue “Ask Spectrum” tab, found at the bottom right hand of the screen.

How to Contact Spectrum Webmail (Roadrunner) on Social Media.

It is also possible to contact Spectrum Webmail with a direct message on these Social Media platforms:

Spectrum on Facebook –

Spectrum on Twitter –

8 thoughts on “How Do I Contact Roadrunner Email Support (Spectrum)?

  1. My wife and I have a road runner account through Spectrum (formerly Time Warner). She can send and receive emails through her account. As of 11/19 I can only receive email. None of the emails I send are going out or being received. The settings for both of our computers are the same (POP accounts). We’ve had these accounts for years without any issue . . . In addition to Thunderbird, tried sending emails directly through two different browsers without success (Eclipse and Firefox). Why can’t I send email through road runner?
    P.S.: I can send gmail through Thunderbird and directly from the browsers.

  2. Hello:
    My email client is not working properly. I can receive emails but cannot send emails. Could you please furnish me with the proper server address and ports. My email address is:
    acarxxxx There is information for this all over the internet but most of it is conflicting information.

    Andrew Carpenter

  3. OMG! I cannot get into my email. When I set it up, the address was supposed to be TWC, I couldn’t get in. So, I called Spectrum. I was told there isn’t a such thing as TWC, well, I took a picture. I started using RR. That worked for a day. I am completely locked out. I will call Spectrum tomorrow to get into my email, get what I need and then delete it. What a waist of time. I’m sure that this email will go no where and this “comment” that I am typing is just another waist of time! Ugh!

  4. Why do I keep getting fake emails from weza5 trying to phish bank account login information?

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